Sai's Studio 2000

Is the only full time Muay Thai training facility in Derby that offers authentic Muay Thai by a former Thailand trained Champion.

Sais Studio 2000 is Derby's Premier Muay Thai Academy situated in the brand new Castleward development right in the heart of the city center. Established in 1992 we are Derby's longest serving and most successful Thai Boxing gym and have produced countless champions in Muay Thai, K1, Kickboxing and MMA. Our 2500 sq ft top of the range facility offers all aspects of combat training for all levels, ages and abilities with secure on-site parking.

The studio which is fully equipped and insured offers something for anyone interested in their health and well being. For many with a new found love for Muay Thai, that first step through the door of a gym can be a nerve-racking experience. Do not let it be, when you look around you will see students just like yourselves who are starting out on their journey to a better self. Remember we all had to start at the beginning, all champions are just beginners that never packed in.

Many people think Thai Boxing is only for those wanting to fight in the ring, Studio 2000 offers so much more. Muay Thai is a fantastic Martial Art not just a ring sport, so those not interested in fighting can still learn a great method of self defense whilst getting a full body workout that just is not possible by going to the gym. Nothing is compulsory in the lessons so if your not interested in grading or sparring there is still much on offer, whether female, male, adult, child, fit,unfit, abled or disabled, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved at Studio 2000. The class timetable has an assortment of classes available and depending on your objectives and personal goals the Instructors will make sure you are happy and not out of your depth with what you want to achieve through your training.

One on one private tuition is also an option for those who can not make the classes or just prefer the personal touch.

Chief Instructor and Managing Director Sai Varley has been involved in Martial Arts and the fitness industry for over 40 years in which time he has fought all over the World and Studio 2000 is his life long dream come true. He is now able to share his great knowledge with anyone interested in being more than average. You don’t have to be shy, have no confidence, be over weight and unhealthy or have low self esteem, all these can be banished by giving Sai a ring or popping in for a FREE consultation.

Studio 2000 is the future in Martial Arts and Combat Training in Derby AND it is on your door step or at the end of your fingers.

Make a decision now that will change your life for the better.

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Sai Varley


Sai has dedicated his life to Muay Thai from the very beginning. For more than 40 years he has lived and breathed the martial art, training and teaching its intricacies, its power and its effectiveness. Sai has traveled the country and the world to fight, competing at a top international level and has trained the next generation of champions. Sai became interested in Muay Thai from a young age after first becoming a skillful boxer. It was after he was bullied that Sai immersed himself in Muay Thai. Determined to broaden his experience and perfect his technique, Sai traveled to Thailand and lived and trained in some of the country’s best camps. This authentic training remains at the heart of Sai’s instructorship to this day as he ensures his classes stay true to the Thai cultures of respect, honesty and the family unit. In 1992, Sai set about realising his ultimate dream – owning a dedicated, full-time Muay Thai gym. Inspired by his early training days, Sai established Studio 2000 in Derby, named after the gym he had trained at in Bridge Street, Manchester. Sai has been running Studio 2000 ever since, sharing his love of Muay Thai. Through his inspirational coaching he has spread the word about the art and trained champions in all areas of combat sports. It is Studio 2000 which endures as the beacon of true Muay Thai instructorship in the region – due to Sai’s expertise and commitment. It was in recognition of his dedication to teaching the art of traditional Muay Thai that Sai was inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame in 2012.