Junior Classes

Studio 2000 will individualise and educate your children, allowing them to activate their own potential and transend their limits.

When you enroll your children in our Junior Life Skills Programme, our instructors will:

  • Bully Proof your children.
  • Give them the confidence to take on the world.
  • Improve their body image.
  • Give them the self discipline to succeed in life.
  • Make them healthy, happy and strong.

We have three levels within our hugely popular junior class structure to help get the best out of our young students aged five to fifteen. The emphasis in all these classes is on learning Muay Thai technique and the respect and discipline needed to be a student of Muay Thai.

Tiny Thais

These sessions are for children aged five to eleven and are designed to build confidence, introduce students to key techniques and then develop those skills via our structured syllabus.

Teenage Thais

These classes are for 12 to 15 year-olds and will focus on improving techniques and combinations to help students progress through their gradings.

Advanced Juniors

These classes are for those juniors who have progressed through the grading structure to level four or above, shown dedication and respect and want to learn more advanced Thai techniques.